Adventures in Africa – Story 4

In December 2016, I very sadly made the decision to leave university after struggling with a bunch of mental health issues which had an impact on my ability to complete one of the modules of my first year. In the summer before I left, June 2016, I was supposed to have gone on a month-longContinue reading “Adventures in Africa – Story 4”

Adventures in Africa – Story 3

The third adventure to Africa happened in a rushed style compared to the previous two trips. I had only started to book it about 6 weeks before I wanted to be heading out. I had developed a strong passion for wanting to learn wildlife photography, and what could be better than learning a new skill,Continue reading “Adventures in Africa – Story 3”

Adventures in Africa – Story 2

The second adventure to Africa took place only a few months after the first, however this time, I had organised this trip by myself through a company called African Conservation Experience (ACE). ACE have a range of different volunteering projects you can take part in, from working alongside wildlife vets, volunteering at wildlife rehabilitation centres,Continue reading “Adventures in Africa – Story 2”

Adventures in Africa – Story 1

My first adventure to Africa, now six years ago, was organised by Sparsholt College Hampshire, which is where I attended my A levels to achieve my Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management. Sparsholt organised the trip with the touring company African Insight, where I had the privilege of meeting one of the most knowledgeableContinue reading “Adventures in Africa – Story 1”

Safari Etiquette for Self-drive

The final post in this series for taking yourself on a self-drive, and probably the most important of all of them, correct safari etiquette. Safari etiquette has a number of different topics to think about, the first and absolute utmost is adhering to the park rules. After you have made your reservation, you will beContinue reading “Safari Etiquette for Self-drive”

Packing for Safari

Even though none of us are going anywhere for now, today we’re continuing with the self-drive safari series of posts. You now know how to book your safari, how to get there, and what to think about with planning the physical aspect of being on your self-drive safari; but now, you need to have aContinue reading “Packing for Safari”

How to Plan a Self-Drive Safari

Before thinking about taking yourself on a safari where you are driving around a park with completely wild animals, I would strongly suggest going on a proper safari with a trained field guide so that you can watch and learn how to behave around the animals. Field guides (as in the people) can tell youContinue reading “How to Plan a Self-Drive Safari”

Helping the Environment During the Pandemic

I feel this topic is especially important right now, seeing as it is becoming mandatory for the whole population to start using PPE. If everyone starts using disposable masks and gloves, the pressure on the environment is going to become so immense that the damaging effects may be irreversible.  Although it is difficult to findContinue reading “Helping the Environment During the Pandemic”

Animal Classifications: what’s in a name?

How and why do we classify animals?  The seven main levels of classification are: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. You also get subs of each category, such as sub-Class, sub-Order, sub-Family etc. We use this system to group animals that are alike and to know their genetic relationships through history.  The starting pointContinue reading “Animal Classifications: what’s in a name?”