About Mol

My name is Molly. I was born and raised in the New Forest in the south of England where my passion for all things wild and animally began. My first experience of being around animals came at the young age of 5 when I started horse riding. By the time I was ten, we had added two cats, two dogs and three horses to the family. It was at this age that I knew animals would play a huge part in my life and that my job in the future would, in some way, revolve around them. I now have two cats with my long-term boyfriend, and I’m working on the dogs and horses, however, the latter is money and space dependant. 

From the age of 16, animals have been the majoring role in my education. Having been sent to a private school in the middle of year 5, I was expected to go through school, do proper A-levels and then move on to Oxford or Cambridge universities. However, I had a very different plan in life. My goal was to get good GCSE results so that I could go and study Animal Management at Sparsholt College Hampshire. And that I did! 

I wasn’t fazed by my teachers comments about how my intelligence would be wasted at a place like Sparsholt and that I should set my aspirations higher. However, my plan in life was to find something that made me happy, no matter how much the job paid, or how “difficult” someone else thought it was. So, in September 2012, off I went and started my BTEC in Animal Management at Sparsholt. 

It was at college where my passion for travel began after two successful field trips. One to Scotland and one to South Africa. South Africa sparked a real passion in my soul, and I have now been to Africa eight times, which includes four different countries. Africa is such a big passion of mine that many of the blogs will most likely be about safaris, African animals and the like. I would love to visit some other parts of the world, such as Asia and the Rainforest. I have also been lucky enough to visit Iceland and Spain during some field trips with my university. 

At this point, you may be wondering what exactly is this blog about? And what are Mol’s qualifications to justify her knowledge in that area? Well primarily, I would like this blog to be about topics in wildlife, and maybe ecology as well. This could range from general information such as fur colour to hibernation, and also animal fact files, explaining important information (including conservation status, threats, and basic information such as diet, behaviour etc.). I would also like to write some blogs about my travels. At the moment I will have to backlog from previous trips while the world is in its current position. 

I feel that I am qualified to talk about wildlife as it’s been a part of my education for so long. Having achieved a Distinction in my Animal Management BTEC, travelling to Africa and now having completed a BSc (Hons) Natural History degree with a 2:1, I feel it is my place to discuss some interesting facts and topics in these areas. 

As well as blog posts about wildlife topics that I feel are interesting, I am also going to have a separate section dedicated to reviewing wildlife and nature books. I am trying to break into the editing and publishing field, specifically for wildlife books. However, any experience is better than my current record (none). As a way to show that I am working with Natural History literature, and also something that might be appealing to readers of a wildlife blog, I will be producing reviews for books that I have read, whether a few years old, or newly published. 

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